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Amazing Grace/Glory from The Aragon 11/26/11

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Summer Camp Picnic & Rubdown

Is everyone ready for the best Summer Camp festival yet?  We certainly are.  

In addition to playing 3 shows on the Sunshine Stage for you this year, we've added a very intimate VIP set at Three Sisters Church followed by a BBQ picnic & hang with the band. We'll be well stocked margaritas & beers to ensure your thirst is properly quenched. For those of you familiar with Summer Camp, the church is where we've done workshops in the past -- it is easily the smallest space Umphrey's McGee has played in the past 10 years.  This is your chance to feel what it was like to see the band in 2001 (in a church no less). The tiny venue also means we'll be on our practice gear, which you might remember seeing from the hurricane ravaged Mulberry Mountain set or during the sick Wizard Burial Ground in the cooking section of Ann Arbor's Borders.  Good things seem to happen when we break it all down.  

I should also mention that we're going to play something for you there that we haven't played in a long time.  Original or cover bust out......hmmm.....I think we'll keep you hanging on that for the moment.  We'll be taking a request or two as well so in theory, anything could happen. Snag a ticket here or email to sign up for the picnic package (which also includes a host of other VIP amenities) and come join the fun!

Joel Goldside Cummins