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Amazing Grace/Glory from The Aragon 11/26/11

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Death By Remix has landed!

Good people of the internet, our remix album is officially yours for the taking. 

At the end of 2011, we asked fans, musicians, producers, remixers & your grandmother to take a stab at remixing one of four tracks from our latest release Death By Stereo. For this EP, we've taken the winners of that contest and sweetened the deal with a foray into yet another musical direction. In addition to the four electronic leaning tracks, Death By Remix features a killer hip hop remix of Deeper by Sumpump Productions & The Palmer Squares (including the man, the myth, the legend Andy Farag). And a short remix of Hajimemashite with an isolated string section & acoustic guitar is the cherry on top (also available as a ringtone). 

You can download The Plot Thickens right here, for free, because we love you. And you can return the favor by downloading a copy of Death By Remix (or better yet, send one as a gift) via, iTunes, or Amazon. If you're old school and want a compact disc, head over to and order yourself a hard copy. Thanks for supporting the cause. 

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