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Amazing Grace/Glory from The Aragon 11/26/11

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Onward & Upward: Browning 2.0

"In the end here I must confess, you have yet to ever witness our best" 

Umphrey's McGee recognizes that innovation in music combined with innovation in bringing that music to you requires a team effort.  We spend countless hours brainstorming ways to bring our fans the best possible music we know how. From every live show (110 last year), special event (UMBowl, Stew Art Series), and music release (onsite & downloads, Mantis pre-order), to our daily interaction with the fan base (social media, the blog), we are constantly trying to raise the bar of what you should expect from a band.  We want to continue to enhance your experience as a concert goer, fan, and consumer.  

In order to do this, we've decided that starting February 1st I will be transitioning from the road to UM headquarters to help continue to make the band all it can be.  Over the years, my role inside Umphrey's McGee has slowly evolved to encompass a wide variety of tasks. What started as predominately a mixing and recording role has grown to include a whole host of Umphrey's related business.  As we constantly push the boundaries of what's possible with UM, there is more work to be done in the home office than ever before. My ultimate goal in this new role is to help UM better achieve bigger things. 

We are thrilled to announce Chris Mitchell as my replacement at the soundboard. Chris, a former nuclear engineer in the Navy, has over fifteen years experience mixing both front of house & monitors, stage managing, and production managing for a wide variety of acts including The Dead, The Rhythm Devils, Tracy Chapman, G Love, Cyro Baptista, and the Charlotte Bobcats. He has worked most every major festival in the business and he's one hell of a nice guy. I have full faith that Chris will excel in every way as he settles into our organization. 

Shown here working on his tan

It has been my honor and privilege to mix Umphrey's McGee for the last dozen plus years. From Brendan giving me my first audio tutorial ("If it feeds back, turn down this one") over a sandwich in the basement of a South Bend "venue" to mixing across the globe from Red Rocks to Fuji Rock, I have enjoyed every moment.  Even after 12+ years, these guys still drop my jaw on a regular basis.

I'd be lying if I told you that this isn't bittersweet as I'll miss the day in day out with the best guys in the business. These years have been incredible and I can't imagine having toured with a better group of people.

I truly can't thank you enough for all of the support and encouragement over the years. Your kind words about the shows, the recordings, and blog mean the world to me and have kept me fired up show after show. I am taking that same passion and applying it to my new role and and our new initiatives moving forward. Thank you for being the most loyal and dedicated fans around. Onward and upward in 2011.