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Amazing Grace/Glory from The Aragon 11/26/11

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Our Inaugural Post!

Welcome to The Floor, Umphrey's McGee's official web log, er, blog. We are excited to launch the site, which will serve as an on-line glimpse into Umphrey's. As regularly as possible, we plan to open a window into the world of Umphrey's McGee with: stories from the road, both old and new, along with recipes, what music we're listening to (and recommend), favorite stops on our journeys, exclusive audio recordings, insights into our favorite moments on stage, intimate glimpses into the studio, and more.

Our plan is to start this upcoming weekend with our fifth trip to Bonnaroo. Stay tuned as we try to show you what it is like to pack for a festival the size of Bonnaroo, and then throughout the weekend, as we will make time to share some of our fun down in Manchester.

Thanks for stopping by. We look forward to seeing more of you . . .