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PHISH: 12/6/97 The Palace at Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, MI

PHISH: 12/6/97 The Palace at Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, MI

This latest archival offering picks up where LivePhish11 (11/17/97 Denver), 12/7/97 Dayton and Hampton/Winston-Salem ’97 leave off in fall ’97 – a perennial fan favorite tour for its wide open jamming, experimentation with new instruments/techniques and funky treatment of Phish classics and covers alike.

Phish’s third show at The Palace on December 6, 1997 was yet another defining fall ’97 gig, with an under-recognized set I and a renowned set II that must be heard in one sitting, preferably with headphones.  Set I highlights include an intense second-song Run Like An Antelope, alien landscapes of Train Song and seamless pairings of Bathtub Gin > Foam and Fee > Maze.  Set II was a unified, non-stop affair: Tweezer > Izabella > Twist > Piper > Sleeping Monkey > Tweezer Reprise is just the sort of raging, psychedelic-funk that Phish dreams are made of.  As they rounded the bend into the final week of fall tour, the band had a confident swagger that exploded in The Palace with a flood of combined energy that flows through on the tapes. The Palace is deep in the suburbs but this Saturday night show in the home of The Pistons was a slam-dunk that reverberated throughout Detroit Rock City and beyond.

 The release was created from Paul Languedoc’s DAT stereo soundboard mix re-mastered by Fred Kevorkian and contains two and a half hours of music totaling 16 songs.  The 2-CD LivePhish Limited set (also available as downloads at is slated for release on JEMP Records September 25, 2012.

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